Our mission is to educate and inspire by safely teaching and performing the fascinating sport of equestrian vaulting. Often described as gymnastics on horseback, we see vaulting as much more than that. Our focus on craft and artistry has made us the best in the world. Exploring the artistic potential of horse and human athletes in unison is our passion. Doing so by enthralling audiences is our brand.

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Four Winds Ranch

6500 Chesebro Rd.

Agoura Hills, CA 90301

Phone: (818) 429-2115

Email: facevaulting@gmail.com

The F.A.C.E Team won the first American Team gold medal at the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

Coached by Devon Maitozo,
FACE's signature use of innovative dance technique and musical interpretation will no doubt give the audience a shiver of excitement.

Aboard Devon's horse Palatine, and longued by Carolyn Bland, the 2010 F.A.C.E team word the Judges and crowds with their freestyle to a Romeo and Juliet theme.

They inspired and aspired reaching their ultimate goal! The new Team Gold Medalists.

Thanks to everyone who supported the team.

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